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The Averro Roseville team, celebrating Haloween 2018.

Recruiting Manager Todd Wiley has been integral to every part of Averro’s growth. With 13 years under his belt, he’s been here since the very beginning, and we’re thrilled to introduce him as a new Averro Partner.

Todd started his recruiting career sourcing talent for a healthcare organization in 2004. Three months later, he was promoted to recruiter and made his mark by hiring 13 people in under five months. When the office closed in 2006, he followed his old boss to a new company, where she was tasked with starting up a brand-new staffing division. With Todd’s help, that tiny division would grow and morph throughout the years, expanding its reach and services and eventually breaking out into the Averro we know today. Now, 13 years later, he continues to be at the forefront of Averro’s growth, leading the recruiting team with humility and dedication.

These days, staying at a company for over a decade is increasingly rare. When asked why he’s so committed to Averro, Todd affirmed that it’s the culture that keeps him coming back every day. “We say Family First here,” he said. “I work so I can have fun with my family; it’s why I have a career here. But I also consider my coworkers family. I want each of them to be successful, and I care about them. It’s competitive here, but friendly, and if you have something going on outside of work, they’re very supportive of that. They’ll stand by your side.”

He’s also enjoyed the agile, ever-changing environment at Averro, where he’s acted in the same role but helped evolve services over time. For example, he contributed to the launch and maintenance of the Microsoft Software & Systems Academy, which trains transitioning veterans for technical employment. The project he’s most proud of: a yearlong project where Averro partnered with a joint venture between the Confederated Tribes of Umatilla and Accenture to hire 165 employees, primarily Native Americans, for a software development and call center facility, training the employees from scratch for these technical roles.


Now that he’s a partner, Todd has identified his next challenge as building out new business intelligence processes for Averro, working with the business owners to understand Averro’s past performance and how to be strategic about creating more growth in the coming years. He offered some uncommon advice to up-and-coming recruiting professionals: Be available.

“This is not an 8-5 job by any means,” he emphasized. “Time kills deals. You’ve got to move fast and sometimes work outside of work in order to get ahead.”

Speaking of things outside of work…Fun fact: Todd learned everything he knows about recruiting at his first sourcing role in 2004. He actually went to school for audio production, and still loves to work on audio equipment as a hobby.

Asked if there was anything else he wanted on the record, Todd chuckled and said, “It’s been a fun ride—looking forward to the next 15 years.” With his track record of consultant placement and success, we’re sure Sacramento-area experts agree.

About Averro

In August 2018, Averro was reborn, leveraging 10 years of success to expand our IT service offerings and propel our clients’ businesses and consultants’ careers. That growth is a direct result of the hard work by our incredible team. Now, we’re proud to introduce our first ever cohort of Partners, recognizing four experts in their field who aim high, fuel our mission, and embody our values.

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