Recruit top-tier recruiters
with accuracy & speed

Our average time to fill is 3x faster than the industry averages.

Averro Talent Solutions specializes in recruiting for recruiters (R4R).
We empower business success with more talent in less time.


We foster a community of experienced recruiters with industry expertise. Unlock access to our hidden talent pools.


17 days is our average time to fill. We infuse data-driven decisions that lead to accelerated results and best-fit talent.


Our 93% acceptance rate shows our commitment to delivering an exceptional experience for our clients and candidates.

The Averro Hiring Approach for targeted results

Our Approach to Recruiting

Averro Talent Solutions customizes and deploys a high touchpoint recruitment plan and process that sources, delivers, and engages the best-fit talent. We help you:

  • Approach changing demands with agility and flexibility
  • Increase capacity to meet the demands of business with innovative strategies.
  • Improve your candidate quality with transparency and consistent reporting.
  • Engage candidates & consultants from interview preparation to off-boarding with unmatched support.
  • Start achieving your goals with Averro Talent Solutions today.

    Our Talent Solutions

    Whether you need a long-term employee, or temporary support to handle a hiring ramp, we will create a customized hiring plan to achieve your desired results.

    Recruiting for Recruiters (R4R)

    We work with you to build a high-performance team and manage the production process to achieve the set goals.

    Contract & Contract to Hire

    We provide you with candidates that match your criteria of skills, culture fit, and availability.


    Recruiting Roles We Hire For

    We ensure you recieve the candidates that truly match the criteria of your hiring needs from seniority level to alignment in passion, values, and culture.

  • Technical & non-technical Recruiters
  • Talent Sourcers
  • Recruitment Coordination
  • Talent Operations
  • Employment Brand Specialists
  • Meet Our Experts

    Our team of recruiting experts has the knowledge, expertise, and experience to help you succeed.

    Randy Burton, Averro Talent Solutions Director

    Randy Burton

    Director of Talent Solutions
    Justin Mayer, Averro Talent Solutions Senior Engagement Manager

    Justin Mayer

    Senior Engagement Manager
    Molly Amo, Averro Talent Solutions Senior Talent Acquisition Manager

    Molly Amo

    Talent Acquisition Manager
    Chelsey Higdon, Averro Talent Solutions Senior Talent Acquisition Manager

    Chelsey Higdon

    Talent Acquisition Manager
    Daniel Stubblefield, Averro Talent Acquisition Manager

    Dan Stubblefield

    Talent Acquisition Manager
    Brittany Stegall, Averro Recruiter

    Brittany Stegall

    Cindy Wong, Averro Recruiter

    Cindy Wong

    Sam Wellman, Averro Recruiter

    Sam Wellman

    Katrina Miranda

    Katrina Miranda

    Talent Sourcer

    Aim higher & get there faster with Averro Talent Solutions

    When you start a partnership with us, we commit to finding you top qualified candidates in a minimum of 48 hours.

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