Our Aim: Your Ascent.

Averro helps you find highly skilled additions to your team.

Tech is in our DNA

Averro specializes in technical solutions, so we're able talk to our staff and figure out an approach or find a specialist on our roster. We get tech, and we get the right tech expert for the job.

Recruiting Process Outsourcing

The ultimate flexible solution. We work with you to understand your culture, goals and needs, then manage the entire recruiting process, end to end.

We involve your team when you need to engage, saving you precious time during the screening and interview process. The result? The right hires without the headaches!

FTE Placement

Specialized skills sets are in high demand -- and settling on the wrong FTE hire can have major lasting impact.

Our experienced recruiters have deep local networks, and can find qualified experts who may not be actively looking. We help you find the right fit for your roles and culture. 

Managed Services & Contractors

Whether you need short-term staff augmentation,  a project manager, or aa managed service that meet your monthly metrics, Averro will deliver.

Our consultants include include tech and business experts across the spectrum of skill sets. All our employees are vetted and ready to make an impact on your team.

I need an expert.

I am an expert.

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Our Uncommon Commitment

Averro services are backed by our Uncommon Commitment to client satisfaction, timely support, and unmatched consultant care.

Full-time / Permanent placements

Short, medium and long-term contracts

Contract to hire

Project teams

Temporary staff augmentation

Managed / outsourced teams

Flexible models to fit your business needs