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Director of Delivery Randy Burton has been at Averro for three years, but he’s been recruiting since he was a teenager. Since his arrival in the Averro family, he’s been a mentor to his teammates and an industry expert, using his dynamic personality and singular style to help consultants achieve new heights.

While he was still in high school, Randy’s mother enlisted him to help her recruit and place candidates. “So here I was, in 1999, talking to executives out there in the market,” Randy said with a laugh. “My mom would help me place them, and that’s how I got my entrance into recruiting: Thrown right into the fire at 16 years old.

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Randy started his professional career as a recruiting coordinator for a large firm. By the time he moved on, he was their sole recruiter for the entire Pacific Northwest, leading a team of five that supported needs across five business areas to the tune of 150-200 hires per year. Over the next few years, he worked with niche agencies and national companies, developing relationships throughout the Seattle area.

Randy learned about Averro when he received a cold call from a brand-new Averro account executive regarding a candidate. He gave the caller some helpful advice about how to improve his calling (and it left an impression—that green AE is now a highly successful leader for our Recruitment Process Outsourcing service). When Randy began looking for a new opportunity, that same recruiter got in touch and suggested he join the Averro team. Upon meeting the team, he recognized lots of possibility: to grow his own career, to help develop the team, and to contribute to a more successful company.

As Averro’s top “People Connector,” Randy’s energy and work ethic mirror the culture the Averro team strives for. “I love all the Averro Ethos, but I think Be Uncommon is the one I love most,” he said. “We have to be ourselves. We have to take that uncommon approach to adjust more quickly in the market and helps us grow personally. You have to embrace being uncomfortable, because that means you’re growing.”

Randy’s next goal is to more fully unite Averro as it continues to expand to new locations. By getting more involved in all the business units and forging stronger regional connections, Averro can drive solutions for clients and employ great consultants even more efficiently. It’s already paying off: “I’m really proud of the progress we’ve made acting as a unit, as opposed to a bunch of indie players.”

Randy has five kids that keep him busy (“I’m working my way up to having my own basketball team,” he joked), and maybe that’s why his favorite uncommon advice regards problem solving:

“Be authentic. Be real with people,” he stressed. “When everyone brings a forthright, balanced mindset to solving problems, you’ll make a lot of headway—especially if everyone is being authentic. That’s how you make business happen.”


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