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As a passionate intrapreneur, Michelle Single has had a significant impact on Averro’s clients and consultants, which is why she became an Averro Partner this year. Based on client needs, Michelle started our Cybersecurity practice last year and now spearheads Averro’s expansion into new markets.

Michelle is known for her supportive mentorship, tenacity in pursuing new projects, and uncompromising drive – taking Averro to new heights. With a degree in MIS/Computer Science and a background as a technical project manager, she is uniquely qualified to connect with our technical consultants as well as provide solutions to our clients.

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Understanding her client’s initiatives and helping them achieve their goals is the part of partnership Michelle thrives on. “We’re 100% committed to our clients as we are creative problem solvers and thrive on making them successful,” Michelle said.

Internally at Averro, Michelle is proud to have developed onboarding and training processes for new employees, sharing her passion for the work and acting as the Averro Ambassador to orient and motivate new teammates. “When we bring in a new member onto the team,” she said, “we need to invest the time to ensure their success. That, for me, is really important. Hire great people…and support them.”

Michelle takes it as a serious honor that Averro has invested back into her. “Our company is very entrepreneurial and encourages new ideas, new services, and appreciates initiative in finding ways to grow the business. It’s special, to have that kind of support from all levels.”

Even outside of work, Michelle embodies the entrepreneurial spirit, taking on the challenge of officiating high school football.  As one of a few female officials in Northern California, Michelle has officiated in over 65 football games and was honored to be picked to referee playoff games each of the past two years. “As challenging as officiating is, it has provided me an opportunity to get closer to the sport I love. It’s been great to have so many other officials and coaches support and mentor me throughout my football career.”

Her next target is building out new markets for Averro, focusing on new locations in places like Southern California and the Western US. She looks forward to expanding the Averro footprint and developing solutions and services for clients in various geographic regions.

“The most exciting thing about Averro for me is that we have the freedom to solve our clients’ challenges and customize solutions that work. It’s what makes us so unique and an uncommon company.”

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About Averro

In August 2018, Averro was reborn, leveraging 10 years of success to expand our IT service offerings and propel our clients’ businesses and consultants’ careers. That growth is a direct result of the hard work by our incredible team. Now, we’re proud to introduce our first ever cohort of Partners, recognizing four experts in their field who aim high, fuel our mission, and embody our values.

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