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Audio Engineer Now Hiring May 2019

Job Description

This individual will join an industry leader, New product development, Test and Data Engineering team, to architect and design the most advanced audio data and test infrastructure and methodologies for smart audio system functionality and performance evaluation. The major responsibilities of the position will include all areas around audio capture and the following:

  • Architect advanced test methodologies and tools for smart audio evaluation and design, think Alexa, but Smarter 🙂
  • Specify and drive audio performance requirements for audio interface and audio processing (think Nuance's Dragon Speech, but smarter)
  • Design comprehensive test plans, lead and coordinate testing effort in different regions
  • Coordinate with R&D teams, 3rd parties and customers on audio product quality control

Experience, Skills and Education Required

  • 7+ years of experience in audio system hardware and software design, development and test
  • Extensive experience in design of audio system test infrastructure, methodologies and tools
  • Deep knowledge of international and industry standards in audio/voice processing
  • Proven leadership skills on leading cross-functional projects, from plan, execution, monitor, to completion
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Good team player
  • MS in EE or related fields

Experience, Skills and Education Desired

  • Expert in audio intelligent interface (e.g., voice control and speech recognition) and voice processing (e.g., noise cancellation and acoustic echo cancellation)
  • Expert in acoustics